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Education Program Features
The academic structure of the Graduate School of System Informatics is designed to provide its students with broad and advanced knowledge and skills. A particular feature is a coherent education program covering both the master’s course and the doctoral course whose goal is to train leading engineers and researchers in the field of computational science.

The Master’s Program is aimed at educating creative professionals with a broad knowledge in each departmental field as well as an interdisciplinary perspective. To this end, the program provides a professional education in the student’s main department through courses in basic and applied topics. It also enhances the student’s multidisciplinary education through common courses within the Graduate School of System Informatics (fundamental courses common to all three departments) and through inter-graduate-school courses (courses common to the five graduate schools in natural sciences: Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Agriculture, Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, and Graduate School of System Informatics). In combination with research guidance leading towards a master’s thesis, the Master’s Program cultivates high creativity and problem solving skills.

The Doctoral Program promotes education and research for training researchers, faculty members at higher education and research institutions, and leading professionals having high creativity, an international mindset, and advanced research skills for identifying, exploring and resolving problems. The program offers rigorous courses related to the student’s doctoral thesis, and requires presentations about his progress in investigative research, search for problems, research planning, research implementation, organization of research results, and methods for solving unresolved issues. The program also provides professional courses taught by groups of faculty members as well as inter-graduate-school courses, thereby educating young talents with advanced expertise and a wide perspective.

To aid students in building careers as researchers specialized in computational science, the Graduate School additionally features a “Computational Science Intensive Course” which provides students with a coherent education covering both the master’s and the doctoral programs. In principle, this intensive course targets students who have graduated from an undergraduate school of a university and, unlike the general course where the student completes the master’s program and then enters the doctoral program, is designed with the objective of the student obtaining a doctoral degree from the start. Based on a curriculum that complements various fields of education through nationwide collaborations with universities and short-term, intensive seminars, the course trains young talents with practical abilities in high-performance computation as well as professional knowledge and skills in various fields of computational science.

Admission Policy
The Graduate School of System Informatics develops and expands new disciplines aimed at the creation of knowledge and value, with the fields of each department – systems science, information science, and computational science – as its pillars, and system information (that is, meaningful information inherent to a wide range of systems within nature, engineering, and society) at its core. It promotes education and research for training young talents with high creativity and an international mindset and who contribute to this development of system information. Therefore the Graduate School accepts not only students who have specialized in system technology, information technology or computational technology in an engineering or information science undergraduate program, but also students who have a strong interest and desire to apply, and widen the scope of, these technologies in various areas of specialization within the natural science, medical, cultural science, and social science fields. In particular, the Graduate School welcomes students having high creativity, ingenuity, and logical thinking abilities, and who are enthusiastic about pioneering and further developing new “system informatics”. To accept students with diverse backgrounds from Japan and overseas, we offer both a special entrance exam by recommendation and a special entrance exam for foreign students in addition to the general entrance exam.

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