At the Graduate School of System Informatics, we have developed a structured education capable of equipping its students with broad, advanced knowledge and skills. We offer a distinctive education program that includes a comprehensive education system covering a Master Program and Doctoral Program for realizing an education capable of fostering advanced engineers and researches in the field of computational science.

 Master Program — Our Master Program is geared toward creating highly creative, advanced professionals possessing broad knowledge of each departmental field as well as an interdisciplinary perspective.

 The program provides a highly professional education in the student's main department through basic departmental courses and departmental application courses, and enhances the student’s multidisciplinary education by establishing common courses within the Graduate School of System Informatics (fundamental courses that are common to all three departments) and introducing inter-graduate-school courses (courses that cross over our five graduate schools of natural science: Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Agriculture, Graduate School of Marine Science, and Graduate School of System Informatics).

 By incorporating within this education system and research guidance through a master’s thesis, our Master Program makes every effort to cultivate high creativity and problem solving skills.

 Doctor Program — Our Doctoral Program promotes education and research for fostering researchers, higher education research facility faculty members, and professionals possessing advanced independent research skills, high creativity, and an international mindset for identifying, exploring and resolving problems.

 The program establishes rigorous courses related to the student's doctoral thesis, requiring presentations over time in relation to investigational research, problem excavation, research planning, research implementation, research result organization, and methods for solving unresolved issues.

 The program also introduces a system of professional courses taught by multiple faculty members as well as cross - graduate - school courses, thereby fostering human resources equipped with advanced expertise and a wide perspective.

 Computational Science Intensive Course — In an effort to aid our students in establishing careers as researchers specialized in computational science, we also have established a Computational Science Intensive Course” which provides the student with a coherent education from the Master Program on through the Doctoral Program.

 In principle, our intensive course is an education program that appeals to those who have graduated from the undergraduate school of a university and, unlike a general course where the student completes the Master Program and then enters the Doctoral Program, is designed with the objective of the student obtaining a doctoral degree from the start. Based on a curriculum that complements various fields of education through short-term, intensive seminars, the course fosters human resources equipped with practical skills related to high-performance computation as well as highly professional knowledge and abilities related to the fields of computational science.