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Purpose of Each Department

The purpose of the Masters Program is to promote education and research that foster human resources having a wide range of knowledge and interdisciplinary perspectives in each departmental field of the Graduate School of System Informatics, as well as highly creative and advanced specialists having broad points of view crucial to problem solving, particularly in emerging areas and areas of integration. The Doctoral Program further develops and deepens the student's education received in the Masters Program, and promotes education and research for fostering researchers, higher education and research facility faculty members, and advanced professionals having advanced independent research skills for identifying, exploring, and solving these problems, as well as high creativity and an international mindset that will contribute to the development of new knowledge and value.

Department of Systems Science
The Department of Systems Science provides the student with a systems approach and problem-solving skills for effectively practicing analysis and synthesis, with a focus on large-scale complex systems, and further explores and integrates the respective departmental fields with a focus on areas such as mechanical systems, electrical and electronic systems, information and network systems, social and transportation systems, and medical systems, fostering researchers and advanced engineers capable of developing new theories, techniques, and methodologies.
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Department of Information Science
The Department of Information Science fosters researchers and advanced professional engineers having broad points of view and the capability of taking on leadership roles in a wide range of disciplines, from basic theories related to information science, such as the development, expression, collection, accumulation, transmission, processing, and utilization of valuable information, to the social application thereof, based on a grounding in infrastructure computers and networks.
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Department of Computational Science
The Department of Computational Science promotes research in the basic sciences via large-scale simulation using supercomputers, and the research and development of innovative algorithms, visualization techniques, and the like, cultivating researchers and engineers who are ready and willing to take on next generation computational science, and fostering human resources who are skilled in computer simulation techniques and have the perspectives and skills that will contribute to society in a wide variety of fields.
The Department of Computational Science also offers an intensive computational science course, which is an integrated education course that continues from the Masters Program on into the Doctoral Program, aiming to foster researchers and engineers who have acquired a superior ability to explore, develop, and practice innovative science and technology using high-performance computations.
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