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Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean, Graduate School of System Informatics

Sustainable development and reinforcement of excellence in science and technology and constant innovations realized by such outstanding excellence are essential factors in coping with many social problems globally increased in the 21st century, including environmental problems, energy problems and aging population problems. Excellence in science and technology is also indispensable in realizing, maintaining and developing a reliable, safe and high-quality life. In order to cope with these social requirements, a transdisciplinary research environment where researchers are able to be inspired by and combine ideas from different research fields, and nurturing and development of highly prominent specialists who are able to participate actively in emerging and interdisciplinary scientific areas are indispensable.

Aiming to cultivate such specialists who can satisfy such needs, the Graduate School of System Informatics was founded in 2010, independent from the Graduate School of Engineering. The school consists of 3 departments: Department of System Science, Department of Information Science, and Department of Computational Science. Through master and Ph.D. programs, students specialize in fundamental theories and methodologies of systems science and engineering, techniques and theoretical base of information science and technology, and science and engineering based on large-scale simulation using the power of supercomputers. In particular, the Intensive Course on Computational Science, which is a consistent course consisting of master and Ph.D. programs, is aimed to foster the first-ever Ph.D. in Computational Science in Japan.

The Graduate School of System Informatics provides an excellent environment of research and education on system informatics, and heartily welcomes promising students who take interests in this emerging field. Enjoy your studies.

Dean of the Graduate School of System Informatics
TAMAKI Hisashi
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