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Concept and Structure of the Graduate School of System Informatics

Background and Necessity of Graduate School Establishment


System informatics is an academic field that strives to contribute to the development, processing, and utilization of “system information,” which is meaningful information that exists within a large-scale, complex “system,” based on high-speed, large-capacity computing technology. The term “system” used here does not refer to a so-called information system, but rather to a broad “system” covering a variety of areas, from nature and engineering to society, including space, earth, people, living organisms, artificial materials, and the like.
The Graduate School of System Informatics targets such a “system” as well as the “system information” that exists within that system, defining the three academic fields below as the pillars of its education and research. With each of these three fields at its core and through the integration thereof, the Graduate School strongly promotes education and research related to the theories and methodologies of the pursuit of system informatics.

Systems Science: Provides a foundation for the analysis and integration of large-scale, complex systems through the development of basic theories and methodologies of system analysis and integration, and the development of problem-solving methodologies based on a systems approach.
Information Science: Contributes to the development, processing, and utilization of system information by developing new application related technologies and methodologies from the theoretical constructs of information and computation, and the constructs of information processing and information media.
Computational Science: Develops methodologies related to the quest for science and technology based on a computational approach and the basic technologies of high-performance computation, taking into consideration utilization of next generation supercomputers.
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