Message from the Dean

OHKAWA Takenao

Dean of the Graduate School of System Informatics
OHKAWA Takenao

 The Graduate School of System Informatics was founded in April 2010 as the first graduate school on information-related fields at Kobe University. Our graduate school consists of three departments: Department of System Science, Department of Information Science, and Department of Computational Science. We are responsible for promoting education and research on methodologies for analyzing, designing, and operating large-scale complex systems, on theories and techniques for advanced information processing, and on the fundamentals and applications of large-scale simulations in a high-performance computing environment.

 The Graduate School of System Informatics has marked its 10th anniversary, and a new decade has begun in April 2020. Although it has been only ten years since its establishment, the situation surrounding our graduate school has changed dramatically during this period. Research topics closely related to our graduate school, such as artificial intelligence, data science, the Internet of Things, big data, robotics, etc., have been gaining a lot of attention, and the arrival of upcoming Society 5.0, a rich human-centered future society, is approaching. The supercomputer “K”, whose installation in Kobe city had been one of the triggers for starting our graduate school, has already retired, and the supercomputer “Fugaku,” which is 100 times more powerful than the “K” computer, is now in operation.

 Development of human resources who can contribute to the creation of new values by deepening and integrating these cutting-edge technologies is our important mission as an organization that plays a central role in education and research toward the realization of Society 5.0. I sincerely hope that many students will gather at the Graduate School of System Informatics and enjoy studying how to create an attractive future society.

About the Graduate School of System Informatics

 The Graduate School of System Informatics of Kobe University was established in April of 2010 by reorganizing the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering in the Graduate School of Engineering. The Graduate School of System Informatics offers Master and Ph.D. programs in Systems Science, Information Science, and Computational Science. Students can participate in a consistent program through their Master and Ph.D. careers.

 Upon completion of the Master's program, students receive a Master's degree in System Informatics or in Engineering. Furthermore, they receive a Doctor of Philosophy in System Informatics, in Engineering, or in Arts and Science. Moreover, students who pursue and complete the Computational Science Intensive Course are awarded a Ph.D. in Computational Science.

Principles and Aims

 System Informatics is an academic field that strives to contribute to the development, processing, and utilization of “system information,” which is meaningful information that exists within a large-scale, complex system, based on highspeed, large-capacity computing technology. The term “system” used here does not refer to a so-called information system, but rather to a broad “system” covering a variety of areas, from nature and engineering to society, including space, earth, people, living organisms, artificial materials, and the like.

 The Graduate School of System Informatics targets such a “system” as well as the “system information” that exists within that system, defining the three academic fields below as the pillars of its education and research. With each of these three fields at its core and through the integration thereof, the Graduate School strongly promotes education and research related to the theories and methodologies of the pursuit of system informatics.

Admission Policy

 The Graduate School of System Informatics offers educational research programs through which students are trained not only to develop and expand new disciplines aimed at the creation of knowledge and value, but also to possess high creativity and an international mindset to make a positive contribution towards global society. The core of our new disciplines is System Information (meaningful information that exists within a wide range of systems, through nature, engineering, and society), and their pillars are the three academic fields of each department.

 The Graduate School therefore actively accepts not only persons who have studied system technology, information technology, and simulation technology in engineering or information system science in their undergraduate and graduate programs, but also those who have a high interest and desire to apply and to expand the scope of these technologies in the various areas of specialization within science, medical, cultural science, and social science fields.