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Program Education Courses

Program education course is operated for Master's course students desiring high-level technical class in the cooperative R&D subjects with the other Graduate Schools in Kobe University under the management of the Organization of Advanced Science and Technology.

Development of Computation Based Mathematical Science

Mathematics has divided into a lot of specialized fields through the history of several thousand years. Meanwhile, the specialized field is exceeded in recent years and an important change is progressing though various changes related to sense of values and the methodology have been experienced. It is a re-surfacing of the technique "Calculation". This movement is development of computer system/software in recent years and the fundamental one that it is never without relation to and even the application from a basic theory of mathematics to various sciences relates to the large range. It is our target to have a dynamic conflict of "Calculation" and the theory clarifying "The limit of the calculation is something" and to open a new frontier.
The curriculum centers on a basic mathematical principle and the intelligence science and mathematical principle statistics related to the calculation and is organized. It is expected that the ability to see the mathematical principle science from the aspect of calculation and the ability to research the calculation in the mathematical principle oppositely are supported through finishing these subjects.

Charge research course Department Subject

Science research course

Department of Mathematics

Analysis II

Computational Mathematics

System informatics research course

Department of Information science

Advanced Course on Mathematical Logic

Advanced Cource on Mathematical statistics

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Calculation Robotics Course

It is an educational program that compares modeling and the simulation procedure in the computational science with the motion control of the robot in the real world, and ties to the design, the control of the next generation robot, and the development of the physical exertion with rehabilitation and the exercise training the analysis of the complex mechanics system like the living body motor system.

Charge research course Department Subject

Engineering research course

Department of Mechanical engineering

Robotics I, II

Multi-Variable Control Theory I, II

System informatics research course

Department of Computational science

Computational Robotics


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IT Specialist Training Course

The aim of IT Specialist training course is to develop advanced researchers and engineers who can contribute to the society with ICT (Information Communication Technologies). Through a structured curriculum with project-based learning (PBL), students acquire essential abilities for developing practical ICT systems with the latest technologies of cloud computing and software engineering. See Cloud-Spiral site for more information.

Charge research course Department Subject

System informatics research course

Department of Systems Science
Department of Information science
Department of Computational Science

Basic Cloud Development

Advanced Cloud Development

Cloud Development Exercises

Basic Cloud PBL

Advanced Cloud PBL

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